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NEW BIKE DAY! Gabriela on a fully

Updated: May 23, 2023

With the big support of BROKEN SPOKE BIKE STUDIO for an awesome deal, we got me a Pivot Mach 4 SL, full suspension.

Equipped with Shimano XTR, dropper post and 2.4 wide tires, this bike promised a whole new experience of mountainbiking for me.

Before the new bike, I was riding a 2015 Scott Scale Hardtail with very thin wheels.

It worked well when I joined XCM Races in Brazil, where there are only few technical sections, almost never singletracks but mainly focused on steep double track climbs.

For the first WORS Race this season, before having the new bike, I borrowed Nathans Bike, since I was struggling extremely on handling my bike on trails. Indeed, even Nathan as a very experienced rider recognized, there is no way I could safely race this bike on courses like that. Riding his bike made me realize that for safety and handling reasons it was time to invest in proper equipment, regarding future events planed.

I'm so thankful and looking foward to experience this bikes ability to help improve mine.

Oh and by the way, all my bike have names. This is SAUCE :)

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