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Be guided to experience real improvement in your performance at any level!

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Nathan Guerra

Over 20 years of in field experience and studies, coaching has become an natural part of Nathan's skills and passion

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Jerome “Locutus” Cawthorn

Ever since I was a kid, I’ve always loved riding bikes. After a long break from cycling, my wife and I bought bicycles at the age of 47 for exercise. We would ride together outside on trails and roads, but this made her very nervous. After a fall and nearly being run over by a car, she decided that she had had enough of riding in traffic.


That’s when we discovered Zwift and the world of indoor cycling. We bought our first trainer in November 2016, and I would swap out our bikes so we could both get our exercise. At this point I thought I was in fairly good shape. After a few group rides, I learned that I was not in as good of shape as I thought. My weight was around 180 lbs and FTP was about 190 watts. Then, we bought a second trainer and a new computer, so we could ride Zwift at the same time.


Over the next couple of years, I steadily improved and went from riding with the World Social Riders to being a member of the WSR sweep team. I also began watching Zwift racing on Twitch. Fellow Zwifter and Twitch streamer, DirtyPirateMan talked me into trying out virtual racing. I was now a mid-C rider with my weight down to 170 lbs (78 kg) and FTP at about 220 watts, which is about 2.8 w/kg.

So I start racing and had a blast. After about a year, my weight was down a bit more (165 lbs or 75 kg) and my power was up (230 watts). I was having fun, racing and riding but was approaching being bumped into B racing, the bottom of B racing. I could see that the fun was going to be gone if I couldn’t be competitive and not be dropped in the first 5 minutes of a race. That’s when I started thinking about getting a coach to help me build into B category, since I don’t think it is feasible for me to get to A+ with the training time I have available.


One day while watching Zwift Community Live, Nathan mentioned that he also did some coaching and had an opening. So, I reached out and we started working together.

Having Nathan as a private coach has been awesome and has really made a difference in my cycling capabilities.

Nathan and I tag up weekly and he tailors my efforts and training plan for the week based upon my progress.


Together, we have raised my FTP to 283 watts (3.8 w/kg) and increased my endurance. And, wow, Nathan’s workouts are hard, but we maintain a nice balance of fun, too, and incorporate free riding and racing into the weekly plan. I now feel like I am in the best shape of my life. 

In Spring of 2022, I decided that I would like to compete in the 2023 USA Cycling eSports National Championship in the Masters level 60 to 64 age bracket. With my race age being 60, I figured this would be a great time to compete. After nearly a year of Nathan’s guidance and intense training, I was as prepared as I could be and was very excited for the race. I finished a decisive second in my age category breaking away from the group with the third and fourth place racers about halfway through lap one of two and finishing over three minutes ahead of third. Since Nationals I've been have great fun racing on Zwift in B category finishing on the podium.

Gabriela Guerra

First Crit experience on cat 2.JPG

Nathan is my husband, so of course I'm suspicious to say that he is an excellent coach. But he really is, because the RESULTS SHOW.

Only in 2022 I finally but slowly, started accepting working in a structured way. Coming out of an eating disorder, underweight, RED-S, double hip fracture, collarbone fracture, shoulder tear there was A LOT to restore and work on.

Nathan guided me patiently through the recovering phase, then the actual building started. Once I got my period back after 8+ years, also due to his guidance in nutrition, my body finally started building muscle and strength again. Afraid of weight gain but confident in his experience we kept working.


He is able to recognize my talent, but also weaknesses and strengths to work on and individually like with all of his clients, adapts the training according to each person's adaptability, schedule, goals, body responses.

CLEAR EVIDENCES AND RESULTS started showing after only a couple months and across all power systems:

  • New FTP of 280w with weigh-in = 5.07w/kg

  • New power records with weigh-in:
    26min. 294w 5.3w/kg, 12min. 375w 6.7w/kg

  • 5min. 328w, 45sec. 500w, 

  • Max. sprint power punch increased from  ~600w to 1000w+!

My overall life quality improved and I'm hopeful to keep growing in future. Race results virtually and outdoors also confirm the progress.​

I do recommend Nathan as a coach for any athlete that has goals to develop and work to become the best athlete they can be, from any level!

READY? Let's go!

Choose your plan

  • Individual Basic

    Every month
    Up to Annual Training plan or shorter as athlete desires.
    • Initial Assessment & goals setting.
    • Training Peaks loaded weekly
    • Weekly 15-30 min coaching consultation
  • Group Coaching

    Every month
    With a minimum of 5 athletes all on the same program.
    • Training Peaks loaded weekly
  • Premium Coaching

    Every month
    Personal on-demand coaching access. 
    Valid for 6 months
    • Everything from Individual Basic
    • Nutritional Tips and guidance
    • Virtual Guidance through workouts & events as possible
    • Customized workout building specific to your needs in events
    •  Customized testing of coaching needs to you as an athlete
    • Attention taken for my pro racing is given to your success
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